Arghonaut travels the seas in search of plunder and booty. If you have anything of even remote value, he's coming for you! The Arghonaut playstyle is fairly straightforward, 'pummel them until they stop moving'. Bulk Up boosts his already respectable power and defense making him particularly dangerous if allowed to set up.

Health: 105





Special Normals

Jack Swing(b+s)

A quick upwards blow that's useful for hitting jumping opponents.


Special Attacks

Mach Punch (d,f+a)

damage: 8 + x

A fast forward moving punch, the follow up depends on the command you issue next. Can be cancelled from a close 5c or a Jack Swing. If no follow up is chosen, Arghonaut is left at a good frame advantage. Will knock airborne opponents to the wall allowing Arghonaut a safe Bulk Up.

Pirate Uppercut (press any attack button during Mach Punch)

damage: 6

Standard follow up that knocks the enemy into the air. Arghonaut is given enough time to nab a Bulk Up boost after this, but is susceptible to being punished before the animation is complete.

Hook Smash (press b+attack during Mach Punch)

damage: 8

Follows up with a sneaky hook. Can be cancelled into Cut. Must be blocked high.

Peglegger (press d+attack during Mach Punch)

damage: 12

Follows up with a low sword swing. Must be blocked low.

X-Mach Punch: 8

A fast forward moving single punch with limited invincibility while travelling. Incredible frame advantage which allows Arghonaut to follow up with a combo of his choice.

Cut (d,b+a)

damage: 4+4

Arghonaut swings his sword around him quickly knocking opponents away. Height of slashes dependant on strength of attack used. A great defensive attack that can slice jump in attempts or pokes making it an invaluable footsies tool. Can be cancelled from a close 5c.

X-Cut: 12

A fast single slice that reaches nearly half screen. Great as a surprise poke but also has the utility of being an auto throw tech, slicing any opponent attempting to grab.

Mega Punch (d,b,f+a)

Arghonaut winds up and delivers a mighty blow. The wind up has super armor, but will be interrupted by launchers, sweeps, or grabs. The punch sends the opponent flying and bouncing off the wall. Can be cancelled from a far 5c but will not combo. A great way to punish a committed action, especially jump attacks if used early.

damage: 15

X-Mega Punch: 18

Much like the regular Mega Punch but a bit faster and with full immunity.


Super Attack

Revenge (f,d,f+a)

damage: 41 (all hits)

Arghonaut rushes forward delivering a frenzy of punishing attacks. Is invincible during attack. This is Arghonaut's most reliable way to get past a projectile, but it is not invincible on start up. Can be cancelled from a close 5C.



Bulk Up

When Arghonaut Bulks Up, the damage of each hit he delivers increases, and the damage he takes is decreased. He can stock up to three boosts per match.

You can't really get more straightforward than this. Combines a solid (if basic) offence with a slight emphasis on resets, with an iron defence that just gets worse if he earns any sort of momentum/you leave him alone long enough. Where Pyroak takes things as they come, Argho just plows through things. In most cases, a hit trade will be in his favor (especially after at least 1 Bulkup), and he's particularly adept at closing distance to stay in your face. Just watch out for projectiles.

Noteworthy normals: 5CB, 5AB, j.C

Jack Swing: A decent command normal. Combos off of 5A or 5C (not f.5C, though) and into Mach Punch for the reset/followup potential. Also not too shabby as an Anti-Air, but seroiusly... Cut beats it by a mile in that regard.

Mach Punch: Zoom! This is how you punish people trying to pull things at range. ...In fact, it's his *only* ranged option whatsoever. If it lands in the air, it'll wallslam. Powerful if hit or blocked, but easily baitable. Still, use it often! On hit, you can leave it neutral to do a reset into tickthrow/low/whatever, or follow up with one of it's 3 finishers:
Pirate Uppercut (C): Your guaranteed damage & knockdown. After this, dash forward twice and start the wakeup games. Use if you don't want to risk a reset, but not if the mach punch was blocked.
Hook Smash (4C): The slowest of the followups, but catch them sleeping and it can turn into some huge damage. Specifically, it cancels directly to Cut. Oh, and it's an overhead too.
Peglegger (2C): Too slow to combo, but fast enough to be an inbuilt reset into a low knockdown. It's actually probably his safest reset, so you can throw it out as a fourth good option.

Cut: This is the sole reason Argh's defence is insane instead of just really good. Waking up? Cut! Anti-air? Cut! Blockstring? Cut! Very fast, trades almost always in Argh's favor, and sets up for a Mach wallslam which means a free bulkup if midscreen. If you have them in the corner instead, use the vortex effect of Cut to keep them airborn with rapid cuts and 5Cs to really stack damage.

Mega Punch: Take it like the pirate you are! If isn't a sweep, launcher, or a custom-state move like a grab, you can plow right through it and give em a whomping into next week! Or at least into the wall. This gives you enough space to either C-Mach into a bulkup, or start pulling Cut tricks at the corner.

Revenge: Where Megapunch gets through most things, if not snuffed in the starting frames revenge gets through EVERYTHING. Complete invulenrability while in the middle of attacking. Damage is actually low for a super, but it's actually rather safe if they dodge it (and not block it) due to how far Argh moves. The inexperienced may get pegged by the 5th attack being a low sweep, but if the foe is any good and know to block it instead of dodging it then yer gonna get hit hard when it finishes.

Bulk Up: This is something of an extra option for when you have the upper hand. You can either keep the momentum going by pressuring them further, or use Bulk Up on a safe option to set neutrality but earn a small stacking buff to damage you both take and deal. Get three of these off (the max yer allowed) and you pretty much have the match in the bag, unless you get sloppy. (Sitenote: More like a reminder, but i am NOT kidding about using this only when it's safe. If you get hit, you take double damage... And being on the wrong end of a Solar Beam like that HURTS.

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