Calm and controlled, Cascavian uses all of his senses to hone his art. Adept at hanging back and zoning, or flying in to release a flurry of kick, Cascavian has the tools and composure to handle any situation

Health: 100





Special Normals

Fish Spear (df+w)

A quick low strike. Must be blocked low. Can cancel into Agility.


Lily Palm (b+s)

A double palm attack. Can be used in combos or as an anti air.

Kasui Sweep(df+s)

Cascavian steps forward and performs a low kick. Must be blocked low.

Kasui Step (df+m)

Cascavian steps forward as if to perform a sweep, but stops short.


Special Attacks

Water Pulse (d,f+a)

weak: 6 medium: 7 strong: 8

Cascavian sends forth a pulse of water that temporarily disrupts the internal structure. A standard projectile attack, with speed differing based on strength used. Has relatively slow startup. Can be cancelled from 5b and 2b.

X-Water Pulse: 19

Has the same startup as Water Pulse, but the pulse grows in Cascavian's palms and the short range water blast drenches the opponent.

Wing Attack (f,b,f+a)

weak: 6 medium: 8 strong: 12

Cascavian gracefully arches his wings as he flies upward hitting his opponent on the way up. The light version leaves him ground and hits once. The strong version sends him the highest and has invincibility on startup.

X-Wing Attack: 17

Has full invincibility until the peak of his jump, the final hit knocks the opponent away and Cascavian can cancel his descent with Fly allowing for some corner juggles.

Triple Kick (b-charge,f+a)

weak: 4+4+4 medium: 5+5+5 strong: 8+8+8

Cascavian delivers three solid kicks in succession. The kicks can be interchanged mid attack to change the order of the sequence. Low hits low, with the final sweep knocking down; medium has the greatest range and has the potential for followups under certain circumstances; strong has a very high hitbox and knocks the opponent away.

X-Triple Kick: 4+4, 5+4, 8+4

Works similarly to regular Triple Kick, except each kick also releases a pulse of water. Light hits low, medium hits middle, strong rises up at an angle.

Waterfall (d,b+a in the air)

damage: 5*x

An arcing aerial kick as Cascavian's foot comes crashing down like waterfall. The speed and range is dependant on the strength pressed. Multiple hits that must be blocked high. Can be cancelled from a jumping c.

X-Waterfall: 5*x

Similar to regular Waterfall, but instead of knocking down, the final hit leaves the opponent in a position to be attacked again.

Fly (f,f)

Cascavian glides forward, the final few frames can be cancelled by any aerial attack.


Cascavian does a barrel roll, making him immune to all attacks during this portion of flight. The arc is also a little different.


Super Attack

Agility (d,d+a)

Cascavian relaxes his body, allowing him to move and attack much faster than usual. While in this state, all of Cascavian's attacks have far less recovery, allowing for greater combos, and his dashes becomes faster than the eye can see.



Inner Focus

Cascavian grounds himself in the present. The scene freezes and Cascavian is allowed to react a few frames before his opponent can move again. Has many possible applications. The time stop effect can only be used once per match. Subsequent uses of Inner Focus will build his Super Meter.



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