Colossoil sets out to prove he's the strongest in the world. Sure, he'll fight you, but he's more interested in just breaking things. The absolute height of power and bulk, Colossoil bulldozes through opponents with sheer physical strength.

Health: 120





Special Normals

Chisel Strike (b+m)

A quick chop that hits airborne enemies.

Goliath Ram (df+s)

A forward moving attack.


Special Attacks

Horn Attack (d,f+a,a,a)

weak: 24 medium: 26 strong: 32

Colossoil swings his horn furiously for three consecutive hits. A bit slow on startup, the light version can be linked from 5a or 2a. It can be done with the medium version as well but the timing is stricter. The strong version sends the opponent flying back. If the second hit of this attack hits an airborne opponent, they will be flung back over Colossoil's head. Can be used after a succesful Earthquake in part while charging for a Horn Drill.

X-Horn Attack: 12

Only one quick slice, but is invincible for most of the animation. Knocks opponent back.

Earthquake (d,b+a)

weak: 14 medium: 15 strong: 17

A massive earthquake shakes the ground immediately around Colossoil knocking the opponent up off their feet. Must be blocked low. The light version has the shortest range but leaves them in the perfect situation for a Chisel Strike/Horn Attack into Horn Drill follow up. Alternatively you can also follow up with a Giga Impact. The strong version is very slow, can be cancelled directly into Horn Drill on hit.

X-Earthquake: 24

Slow, but shakes the ground full screen. Will knock down even if blocked.

Pursuit (b-charge,f+a)

weak: 11 medium: 14 strong: 14

A fast forward moving attack. Colossoil is immune to projectiles while burrowing forward. Can be cancelled from 2b or close 5c. Must be blocked low. Colossoil's primary way of closing distance and getting around fireballs. Safe on block.

X-Pursuit: 14

Leaves Colossoil at a premium frame advantage allowing him to follow up with the move of his choice. Moves forward the same distance as the medium version.

Giga Impact (d-charge, u+a)

weak: 8+13 medium: 9+16 strong: 10+19

Colossoil rockets into the air, and then slams down crushing anyone beneath him. Has some frames of super armor. Colossoil's best anti air option, depending on the height of your opponent and the strength used, you may not always get both hits to land. Can be used to cross up in cases, but is unsafe on block or whiff.

X-Giga Impact: 6+13

Invincible throughout and guaranteed both hits. Furthermore, if Colossoil whiffs the first hit, he is able to Dig to safety (or to attack) upon landing.

Crunch (d,b+a)

weak: 12 medium: 14: strong: 18

A meaty close range bite that must be blocked high. The light version is the quickest and can be linked into 5a or 2a. The strong version is very slow, but knocks down. Works well with the threat of Pursuit/Earthquake to round out Colossoil's mixup attempts.

X-Crunch: 12

An exceptionally speedy attack that will also knock down.


Super Attack

Horn Drill (b-charge,f,b+a)

damage: 55

Colossoil charges forward and pins his opponent to the wall where he proceeds to drill violently into them. Is distguished for being the most damaging Super attack in the game. Is best set up using Earthquake. It may catch the odd jump in, but the start up is slow and has no invincibility frames.




damage: 12

If Dig is activated when Colossoil is knocked down he will burrow underground and pop up causing damage if he hits the opponent. He can dig in place or dig forward or backward depending on the direction pressed.

Even the slightest of glances shows that this guy is the heavyweight fighter of the lineup. Massive health total (Highest ingame!), decently long range, and powerful single hits round out his normals game. However, this is somewhat deceptive... He is also one of the most combat-mobile characters in the game. He can effectively switch between playing brute and playing rushdown, but the two types are pretty much mutually exclusive for the most part.

Noteworthy normals: 2B, 5AA, j.B/C, 5C/f.5C

Chisel Strike: Your main method of comboing if you land an earthquake. One or two of these, then either do a Horn Attack, Goliath Ram, Horn Drill or a 5B. Said 5B can also combo into Goliath Ram or Horn Drill. Rather situational, though... And don't be fooled by the attack angle, it's not a good anti-air.

Goliath Ram: One of Soil's many meaty attacks. This one works as a tickthrow, and a wallslam if it lands in the air. It's also the only method of moving forward while on the ground, and keeping a Giga Impact charge at the same time. Not something to rely on, but useful nonetheless.

Pursuit: Soil's best move at getting in close, beyond a simple forward jump. 3 low-ish damage hits that hit low, and will plow through basic projectiles. A-Pursuit is mostly safe on block, but the B/C versions send you moving pretty far so you can maybe catch people unawares if they're expecting a j.B overhead. Also your combo finisher, since it combos from 2B and knocksdown. (Sidenote: A great way to land this out of the blue if you force them into turtling is by doing a 5C. Chomp is an overhead, and will link to 2B for some painful comboing.)

Giga Impact: Soil's only option against getting slaughtered by aireal assaults, beyond meeting them in the air himself (Which he can't do too well due to a slow start to his jump). Hits once on the way up, and if spaced/timed right can combo with the bellyflop as well. Hits HARD, but most of the damage is on the bellyfop. It doesn't do squat to people on the ground except for the flop, so be careful about abusing this... It's mighty punishable if avoided, or even blocked.

Horn Attack: A Rekka-Ken styled move that causes some large amounts of pain, if you manage to hit it. B-Horn can be comboed off of a 5AA and into another 5A/2B if you need the meter. If you hit them in the air, the first hit juggles but the second vaults them way over your head. Good spacing means you can do an A-Quake, A-Horn (2 hits), and C-Giga for some serious ouch. But you'll suffer for it if you miss the Giga.

Earthquake: A riskier low attack than Persuit, but has far more damage potential in it. If it lands, it sends the foe soaring vertical for some combo opportunities. A-Quake can link into A-Horn, B-Quake into 4B, and C-quake combos directly into Horn Drill.

Horn Drill: A super up there in rank with Punishment, this number is harder to land on it's own but can be comboed into. Either way, it looks brutal and hits for about half a bar on it's own. Use this after a 5B ([4] 5B 64B) or a C-Quake (21[4C]64C) and revel in the pain.

Dig: One of the more useful abilities in the game, but it can come back to bite you if yer not careful. If hit by most knockdown attacks, Soil can hold left, right, or nothing at all and press the ability button to disappear under the earth and come back up in the chosen direction. Soil hits on the way up, and is able to combo afterwards. It's also safe on block, but there's a few downsides. It uses 25% of your meter, and Soil doesn't build meter well. This means yer putting off a potential Horn Drill for a while. Also, if you don't actually hit them you're in a potential position to be punished since yer quite hittable when coming out of the ground.

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