Three brothers seeking a challenging fight. The winds and rain are lieutenants under Cyclohm's command. Cyclohm plays a solid zoning game. Taking advantage of an opening, he can juggle the opponent tossing them around like a whirlwind.

Health: 110





Special Normals

Whirlwind Kick (b+s)

A hindleg kick that knocks the opponent into a juggleable state.


Special Attacks

Thundershock (d,f+a)

damage: 6

A quick small bolt of electricity is fired. The angle of the shot depends on the strength of the button pressed with light being a straightforward bolt, and strong having a very high angle. Can be cancelled from any of his standing normals.

X-Thundershock: 9

Requires rain cloud. A three pronged bolt of lightning is released from Cyclohm's cloud. Must be blocked high.

Twister (d,b+a)

damage: 3

A massive twister attack. It sucks the fighter in at close range and throws them out into the air. The distance the cyclone moves is dependant on the strength of the button pressed. Can be used to catch careless jumps, but some anticipation is required because of startup time. The base of the Twister of vulnerable to attack and Cyclohm is completely vulnerable during the last few frames. Safest application is cancelled from a Whirlwind Kick.

X-Twister: 3

Has the same properties as the medium Twister but spits the opponent out soaking wet, as if drenched by a rain cloud.

Tri Attack (d,d+a)

damage: 3+6+9

A multi-hitting lighting attack that engulfs the region directly above Cyclohm. Instant startup means it is never safe to attempt to cross up Cyclohm unless you are inredibly confident of your timing. Does not hit grounded opponents. Very important to Cyclohm's juggle game.

X-Tri Attack: 9

Requires rain cloud. A fast burst a lightning is shot upward from Cyclohm's cloud. Can be used to extend juggles or exert aerial dominance even from a distance.

Whirlwind (b,f,b+a)

A fast attack that will spin an opponent around and shoot them to the other side of the stage. This is Cyclohm's only reversal, and though invincible for most of it, the active hit frames are only at the beginning, so if you whiff, prepare to eat a combo.


Much the same except will wallbounce allowing Cyclohm to follow up for some damage.

Static ( tap a repeatedly)

weak: 8 medium: 10 strong: 12

Cyclohm charges his body with a light electric current. Cyclohm's basic close range combo finisher; will knock down and can be cancelled from most of Cyclohm's normals. With proper timing, can be used to tag a little extra damage onto a juggled opponent before going into a Tri Attack.

X-Static: 12

Cyclohm shuffles his feet quickly to generate a field of electricity on the ground. Must be blocked low.



Super Attack

Thunder (d,b,f+a)

damage: 12+12+15

Cyclohm calls down three massive thunderbolts from the sky. Must be blocked high. The ideal finisher to any of Cyclohm's many juggles. Use early to minimize the effects of scaling. Don't expect to hit this without a setup very often; it's fairly easy for an opponent to block after the Super screen pause.



Rain Dance

Cyclohm creates a cloud that rains in place indefinitely. Getting caught in the rain will interrupt an opponent's attack, and will leave them wet, with electric attacks doing more damage.


The air is his domain, in more ways than one. Ohm is a character of extremes; Extremely low mixup ability (No lows with any decent range, his overhead is a super), extremely slow overall, extremely high juggle ability, and extremely high damage potential. Landing a Twister means above average damage, but if he manages to land it while the foe is soaking from his ability, you're looking at potential for anywhere from 33% to just shy of double your combo damage depending on how fast you landed it after they get soaked. On his own, though... He plays defensive, putting up a mixup wall of his Thundershocks. He can counter pretty much any aireal attack with Tri-Attack, but he pays for this by having a poor ground game. Get them into the air ASAP!

Noteworthy normals: 5C, 2A, j.C, j.B

Whirlwind Kick: If you ever land a 2A or 5A, this is how you get Ohm's damage rolling. Launches if hit on the ground, and knocks away if in the air. Combos into Twister, but this won't work on an airhit. Instead, follow it with a 5C and C-Shock (or B-Shock depending on their angle) for a knockdown.

Thundershock: Your zoning weapon of choice, beyond the long range of Ohm's normals. A speedy little bolt that goes most of the screen in a direction determined by button strength. Mix the directions up to try and catch them jumping, or just anticipate correctly if yer good at that. It combos off of any standing normal as well, so use it in combos. Especially to tack on damage at the end of a juggle.

Twister: This is the combo-starter, and a solid choice against anticipated advances. Vaults the enemy into the air by force with some decent damage, which sets up for Ohm's juggling power. Follow up with either a j.B (against specific characters) or j.C (against everyone else) and start keeping them aloft.

Whirlwind: The Twister Alternative. Mostly safe while this comes out, and it pushes them away if it doesn't catch them. Quick to come out, and sends them soaring into the wall for maximum space, which Ohm needs. The catch? No damage at all. It's purely a defensive tool (or alternative combo-ender) that gets you away from them ASAP to allow a bit of time to set up your defence. Use smartly.

Tri-Attack: This is how Ohm controls the air above him. Comes out instantly, and is the core of Ohm's juggling & anti-air power. Does enourmous damage to a soaked opponent and can oftentimes be followed up with anything from a 5C C-Shock off a twister juggle to a j.C juggle string if you didn't Twister first.

Static: A decent move, it guarantees a knockdown for enough time to backdash away for midscreen options. Hits decently on it's own, and good timing means you can actually use this to extend a combo slightly for some serious pain... but only on the A-version, which is the only one that ends fast enough to juggle.

Thunder: Ohm's only overhead, but don't use it like that. Instead, use it immediately off of a Twister for outright beautiful damage output, and then dash into a forward jump to continue the punishment! And if you catch them soaking wet with a full Thunder, the match won't last much longer.

Rain Dance: A decent ability, it sets up a minor trap for the enemy to step into if they want to move forward. If the enemy walks into it, they're forced into a neutral state and have a rain effect applied to them for around 5-6 seconds. During this time, all of Ohm's electric attacks will do an extra 50% damage that is completly unaffected by scaling. As such, get in as many electric hits as you can.

However, if the opponent is tricksy enough the cloud can be as much a curse as a blessing... This neutral state happens even if they're blocking, or in the middle of an attack. This gives the potential of them turning anything grounded into a safe move for them or an unsafe one for you. So don't stick around near your own clouds.


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