The fun-loving Fidgit sets out to make new friends. How he gets into fights instead is anyone's guess. With great pokes and confounding combos, Fidgit is a versatile fighter with the tools to handle any situation.

Health: 105





Special Normals

Cartwheel (df+w)

A fast forward moving attack where Fidgit slaps the opponent with his hands.

Doubleslap (df+m)

Fidgit reaches out and slaps twice.

Cavity Cracker (df+s)

Fidgit uses his drill to come down on an opponent. Must be blocked high.

Flying Carousel (grab in the air)

A spinning air grab where the victim is flung to the ground.


Special Attacks

Comet Punch (tap a repeatedly)

weak: 10 medium: 14 strong: 18

A flurry of fists is unleashed and Fidgit pelts the enemy with blows. Fidgit's main source of damage in combos, there are a number of ways to combo into Comet Punch, the most reliable being 5b. Strong Comet Punch can link into the weak version, and the weak version can cancel into Super, though for the whole sequence to work the intitial CP has to be landed after a successful crossup

X-Comet Punch: 21

A fast flurry of punches that does great chip damage. Can be linked from a medium or strong Comet Punch but timing is strict.

Earth Power (d,f+a)

damage: 9

A blast of energy erupts from the ground. The location of the blast is controlled by the strength of the attack. Must be blocked low. The attack will launch the opponent into the sky, with the most common follow up being the appropriate Snatch, or jump forward C, to attempt to create a juggle or reset situation. The light version can be comboed off of 2b.

X-Earth Power: 9

The whole ground gets levelled with a stage wide Earth Power. Will knock down even on block.

Snatch (d,b+a)

A hand rises from the ground catching an airborne opponent, and flings them in Fidgit's direction. The location of the hand is controlled by the strength of the attack. Anticipating a jump can lead to decent damage. Less solid as a reactionary anti air option. Best used in juggle setups; the medium version being especially useful as it can lead into a Super.


Grabs the airborne opponent and pulls them into the ground, popping them up in front of Fidgit, leaving him with great frame advantage allowing for any combo.



Super Attack

Rapid Spin (d,b,f+a)

damage: 44 (all hits only)

Fidgit leaps into the air spinning rapidly with his spikes out. He lands and repeats the process before slamming the victim onto the ground. This is Fidgit's only reversal option, but is also useful in that he has dozens of ways to combo into it, although it often means getting less than the full damage. Very unsafe on whiff.




Fidgit encourages his opponent with rousing applause, boosting their Power Meter. Can also be used to cancel any of Fidgit's Special Attacks. Encore in turn can be cancelled by a jump or a dash.


Handy little guy, ain'ne? Horrible puns aside, Fidgit is chock full of bunch of tricks. One of the best crossup jumpins (j.B), a fast basic jumpin (j.C), and an indirectly powerful grab means Fidgit has one of the best defence-piercing movesets in the game, second only to a well=played Vitalimar. This is on top of his ability to start his juggles at almost any range, due to Earth Power (Which is a *longrange* low) into Snatch. Because of this, he is mighty dangerous at effectively all ranges.
(Sidenote: With Fidgit, everything links into almost anything. Be creative! Annoy the enemy a bit if you have to, but don't overdo it.)

Noteworthy normals: 2B, 5CB j.B, j.C

Cartwheel: Useful for moving yourself forward. Mainly shines as Fidgit's main method of extending a juggle, but also works as a tickthrow trap if you dare.

Doubleslap: A groundchain combo extender. You usually have better options, but it's possible to use this after a crossup j.B to pull a multi-hit combo extension for much meter.

Cavity Cracker: Fastest grounded overhead in the game bar none. Murders Fidgit's poor scaling, but it's a rather easily-comboable overhead. 2B into Earthpower into juggling time

Special mention: Remember to ALWAYS end your juggles with either a reset or his Flying Carousel throw. Fidgit needs all the help he can get as far as damage goes.

Cometpunch: 3-6 hits. Great for ending a ground combostring if you need the meter. Or if yer already at full meter, Encore out of an A-Comet into a quick 2B to start the juggling, and does enormous chip damage because of it's multi-hit nature. C-Comet combos into A-Comet, so technically it's 3-9 hits.

Earth Power: Your launcher of choice, and probably the move you'll be using most often. As long as they're on the ground and not crouching low, you can send them soaring right into a Snatch and start the juggles. Just don't get predictable, one jump-in and yer gonna get hit hard. Though B/C-Powers come out faster, A-Power can combo off of a 2B. This is where your main damage will come from. In all cases, follow this up with...

Snatch: Pull em out of the air and vault them towards you. Works on both Earth Power comboing and anticiipated jump-ins, if you have the right spacing. Just remember... Where EP can be avoided by any jump, Snatch can be avoided by anything *but* jumping. If you miss an anticipation, or just miss the Snatch itself (It's a bit finicky), it's gonna get rough for you in a second or two.

Rapid Spin: What you use when you have full meter near the end of a combo. This move has a fixed-damage property at the end, which means after the 18 or so hits of both spins, it floors them with a flat 10 or so damage tacked on like a grab. Long story short, this is an average-damage super which ignores scaling. You can combo it off of a 5C when juggling, or on a dime as a sort of reversal; like Blizzard, this comes out mighty fast and has high priority. 'Course, the usual "Don't miss!" rule applies here too, being very unsafe on a whiff.

Encore: Not actually that useful in the grand scheme of things. The only move you can cancel with Encore is Cometpunch. However, you can usually tack on a few extra points of damage with creative use. Unless yer playing for style, this is something i honestly say you should avoid, considdering how much more useful the meter is to Rapidspin with.


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