A shadow in the corner of your eye; flitting between the planes of despair; Kitsunoh watches, and waits...Kitsunoh plays a special game of surprise and treachery, weaving out of danger and striking during times of vulnerability. A dangerous combination of mobility and traps.

Health: 95





Special Normals

Arcing Sorrow (df+s)

Kitsunoh initiates a quick pounce forward. Must be blocked high.

Whisper Drop (d+m) in the air

A diving aerial attack.



Special Attacks

Teleport (d,f+a) or (d,b+a) ground or air

Kitsunoh teleports backwards or forwards, in the air or on the ground. The distance travelled is dependant on the button used.


The air version will teleport Kitsunoh forward and to the ground, but with noticeable lag. The ground version will teleport her skyward allowing her a Shadowstrike follow up.

Shadowstrike (d+s after aerial Teleport)

damage: 12

A quick diagonal strike after an aerial Teleport. Invincible on start up. Unsafe on block.

X-Shadowstrike: 17

An unblockable variation of regular Shadowstrike, but will not hit airborne enemies.

Iron Head (b-charge, f+a)

weak: 12 medium: 13 strong: 14

Kitsunoh rams herself headfirst into the air at various angles. Medium and strong versions have a couple of frames of invincibility on startup, but is still grabable until she is in the air. Medium and strong also make for decent anti airs, but will whiff against crouching opponents. Can be cancelled from 5b and 2b.

X-Iron Head: 13

Full invincibility on start up and will Teleport Kitsunoh down to the other side on hit or block, allowing a follow up, including even another Iron Head if the first hit was used on an airborne opponent.

Somersault (d-charge, u+a)

damage: 16

Kitsunoh glides through the air, inflicting wounds upon touching a foe and leaping off sending them rocketing downwards. Although she is contrallable in the air, the default distance is determined by the strength of the button used. This attack can be used to create very sticky crossup situations, especially in the corner, and will outprioritize almost anything if she meets her opponent in the air. Has no recovery frames on landing, but is punishable on block.

X-Somersault: 14

Kitsunoh will land on her victim and 'ride'/ram them into the corner, leaving behind a trail of Will o' Wisps.


Super Attack

Curse (d,b,f+a)

damage: 51(cumulative)

A devious curse is placed on the victim, slowly sapping their health as the match progresses. Can be linked from 2b or Arcing Sorrow, as well as used as a makeshift anti air. Don't expect to use this often as you'll often want to spend most of your meter on Wisps.



Will o' Wisp

A small flame is placed hovering in mid-air. If the opponent touches it they will be put in a burning vulnerable state.

The wakeup game at it's finest. She combines decent mobility and damage options with a powerful wakeup and grabbing game, and specializes in playing at the edge of the screen, in the corners. Though Kit doesn't have as many options as Vital does, she can turn a number of them into a safe opportunity to keep the pressure rolling, and even a potential way to get more damage if they guess wrong.
Though a bit squishy, she works great on both defensive and offensive either way you play.

Noteworthy normals: 5AB, 2B, 2C, j.B

Arcing Sorrow: Kit's overhead, and the farthest-reaching one in the game at that. Though slow, it can catch someone off guard and avoid low attacks at the same time. Can be linked out of by any grounded normal, Iron Head, or Curse. Can also cancel directly into a forward A-Port for evasive mindgames.

Whisper Drop: Your counterpart to Syclant's Icicle Strike. Stops your momentum to come down in an overhead, so it can work great for ambiguous crossups. Links to a 2A, which means this can set up for some decent damage as a close-range overhead of sorts.

Iron Head: This is where the majority of Kit's combo damage will come from. It combos directly off of a 5AB, and against large characters even off of a throw if Kit is backed up into the corner. B/C-Ironheads can work as anti-air, while A has the least chance of missing the foe outright on the ground in a combo. After landing this, dash forward and lay down a wisp to start the guessing games. If the foe is in the corner and you land a combo into ironhead, you can plant a wisp without dashingfor a guaranteed safe option.

[1]64, [2]8
Somersault: A rather tricksy but somewhat slow move. Kit can get some massive height off of this, and since she falls as an active hitbox she can pretty much snuff anything the enemy tries to do to counter it. The 3 versions start off in different directions (A is straight vertical, B is like a forward jump, and C will go fullscreen. However, all 3 versiosn can have their arc influenced by holding left or right while in the air, so you can do some mindgames with this as well as set up for easy ambiguous crossups.

Teleport: This is what gives Kit her mobility. Both the direction and buttonpress influence where you appear after teleporting; A will be a fakeout by staying where you are (with instant invulnerability), B goes about a third of the screen (236B-Port moves faster than all other ports), and C goes 2-3rds of the screen. On the ground this allows for some tricky wisp crossup potential, and though aireal versions don't allow normals afterwards they can be followed with...

236/214 -> 2C
Shadowstrike: A somewhat situational move that can catch an opponent unawares if they suspect you to just drop to the floor instead. Has good range on it due to the angle at which Kit attacks, but is somewhat unsafe on block (Bad frame disadvantage, but Kit puts range between herself and the enemy).

Curse: A decent super, but one of the few where it's almost outclassed by the usefulness of the user's ability. A very fast super that does almost no impact damage, but starts 12 seconds of DoT that will eventually chip away about half of an opponent's lifebar. Combos directly off of 3C, links off of 2B, and can be landed after a grab if Kit is cornered. It's a move to remember, but for the most part you should be blowing most of your meter on...

Will-O-Wisp: ...the core reason why Kit has such a killer wakeup game. After any knockdown that leaves Kit even remotely close to the enemy, you can drop a willowisp down and then follow up with either a low, overhead, or grab. If they block correctly, no harm done except to your meter. If they block incorrectly, they're getting comboed (Either by a groundchain from the low/overhead, or landing on the wisp when grabbed). If the wisp lands ,they're sent straight up in a floaty jugglable state which means Kit can set up an easy Wisp reset. Preferably, use a j.B into A-Ironhead.



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