Sweet, innocent Krilowatt has a knack for slipping into trouble. Krilowatt can use his great speed and mobility to play a confounding game against his opponent.

Health: 90





Special Normals

Carapress (f+w)

A fast forward moving attack where Krilowatt advances shell first.

Scampi Stamp(df+m)

A quick bounce forward and back. Must be blocked high.

Shrimp Fliptail (b+s)

Krilowatt flips backwards, slapping the foe with his tail.


Special Attacks

Shockwave (d,f+a)

weak: 5 medium: 4 strong: 5+5

A fast electric projectile but has poor recovery. The light version goes half screen, the medium version goes full screen and the strong version goes half screen but shoots twice.

X-Shockwave: 14

Krilowatt begins charging a very large wave of electricity. You can release the wave by pressing the X button again.

Spark (d,b+a)

weak: 8 medium: 11 strong: 13

Krilowatt launches into the air electrifyingly. Has some invincibility frames after leaving the ground. The light version goes straight up and is fairly safe on block. The medium and strong versions arc into the air at different angles, but are unsafe. This is Krilowatt's best defensive option when dealing with pressure or aerial attacks. Can be cancelled from 5b, 5c, and Dive.

X-Spark: 8

Full invincibility on start up, Krilowatt hops only very slightly into the air, covering greater horizontal distance. Can be used as a combo extender, to cross over grounded opponents or even as a safe approach option.

Aqua Jet (d,b,f+a)

damage: 12

First Krilowatt leaps to the nearest wall, then blasts off full screen using intense water pressure. The sheer force of it hurts the user themself if the move is blocked. The height to which Krilowatt jumps is dependant on the strength chosen and how far he is from the wall. Can be used to knock an opponent back into the Zap Cannon ball. Is cancellable from Dive.

X-Aqua Jet: 7+(4+4+4)

Krilowatt jets forward, electrified hitting his opponent into the air and then jets back for multiple hits from the wall. Can be used as a quick crossup.

Aqua Dive (d,f+a in the air)

weak: 8 medium: 9 strong: 10

An aerial diving attack. The angle depends on the strength used. Krilowatt's main combo starter and can even be used as an ambiguous crossup. Low priority means it is easy to anti air if you get too predictable.

X-Aqua Dive: 12

Works like the regular versions of Dive but quicker and without the startup. Adopts the medium strength angle.


Super Attack

Zap Cannon (d,f,b+a)

damage: 4*x

A large ball of electric energy is fired that can be used to juggle an opponent. Krilowatt can extend the juggle by using attacks that continue to push the opponent into the ball. Can be cancelled from Scampi Stamp. It is usually too slow to be used to punish.




A mark of great versatility, Krilowatt is able to mimic any foe's Ability perfectly.

Speed! This timid little spark of energy almost never stops moving, which makes him a hard target to track, hit, and/or defend against. Though he has abysmally short range on his comboable normal attacks, he can still put out much damage through Aqua Dive combos, as well as being able to harass at longrange with Shock Wave and Aqua Jet. However, be forewarned... Crazy mobility, half-decent damage, a unique Ability type, and a solid mixup game go punished with being tied for worst place as far as health goes. This is on top of being able to hurt himself on a bad Aquajet, so be careful how you move.

Noteworthy Normals: 5BC2C, 2B, 2C

Carapress: No matter how this move looks, it is NOT a meaty attack. It moves Kril forward as an attack, but only links to 5A. Not that useful, avoid it if you can. Unless someone out there finds a good use for it...

Scampi Stamp: Kril's overhead. Comes out slow compared to the rest of his moveset, but fast enough to catch people offguard. Not much damage on it's own, but it works as a tickthrow and combos directly into Zap Cannon for solid potential damage.

Shrimp Fliptail: An evasive attack that moves backwards after hitting. If the opponent is smart and blocks low after a Dive, use this to put some space between you and him to avoid getting punished.

Shock Wave: A pestering tool. A-Wave isn't terribly useful, but the B-Wave goes fullscreen at high-speed while C-wave comes out twice for some decent damage if it hits. Easy to spam B-wave, but don't get predictable.

Spark: Krilo's reversal of a sorts. Comes out mighty fast and can catch jumpers, but is mighty punishable on a block or whiff. In other words, your basic shoto dragonpunch. Treat it as such.

Aqua Jet: This is what gives Krilo his mobility. Instantly jumps to the wall behind him, at an angle determined by the button (A is low, B is medium, C is high... but if cornered, A is ground level, B is still ground level, and C is low) and then he vaults horizontally across the screen REALLY fast. Decent damage and forces a knockdown, as well as sending the foe flying towards Krilo to start some wakeup mindgames.
However, if you don't use this smart it can hurt you far more than it hurts them. Whiffing while they're cornered means yer a sitting duck, getting blocked makes you lose a small-but-noticable bit of health and be subject to the occasional counterattack, and Krilo's hitbox extends far past him so it can be snuffed by any move that hits the right height. Be careful.

Aqua Dive: This is how Krilowatt starts his combos 80% of the time, as far as I play him. Though an aireal attack, it's not an overhead so don't use it in high-low games. Instead, use it as an advancing tool and a safe entry into point blank range. Comboes directly into Aqua Jet or into 5BC, which combos into either 2C, 4C, or any Spark of choice. Low, Safe, or Damage. Make sure you choose right, since all but 1 is unsafe if it didn't land. The Dive

Zap Cannon: A different sort of super, this is not one that works well on it's own. Zap Cannon sends a massive electric ball of death moving forward, which is decently fast but slows down dramatically once it hits the opponent. It plows through them, which means it does enormous amounts of chip damage. On hit, this bumps the foe upwards and back a bit. Usually combos for 5-7 hits on it's own, but you can extend the combo by timing a well-aimed Aqua Jet to launch them back into the orb, so juggle away!

Trace: One of Krilowatt's unique traits is that he mimics the ability of whoever he's fighting. As such, i'll go through a rundown.

Syclant (Double Team): Gives Kril some nasty crossup options. However, Krilo cannot use this while Syclant is knocked down for some mechanics reason, so Syc is always in a position to at least counterattack if you try. Still a good use of meter, though.
Revenankh (Rest): Believe it or not, one of Krilo's better options. Aqua Jet means he can zip out of danger instantly and counterattack almost as fast, which leaves Rev at a disadvantage since he has to actually advance himself. Between Spark catching jumps, Jet catching Bind/Shadowpunch, and 4C getting out of close range, this is something you can afford to spam against him. Which Krilo REALLY needs, considdering his abysmal HP and Rev's insane damage potential.
Pyroak (Battle Armor): This is actually a bit better than Pyroak's own Battle Armor, due to the fact that Kril's Battle Armor extends a bit past the hitbox. Just don't try it against Ember. See my notes of Oak's armor for a further rundown of why i say to avoid this in most cases, though.
Fidgit (Encore): Just like Fidgit's encore, not that useful. In fact, even less useful; Where Fidgit can only cancel Cometpunch, Krilo can only cancel Shock Wave at a rather late point. Helps in B-wave spamming, but a waste of meter if you ask me.
Stratagem (Levitate): Gives Krilowatt the same sort of aireal mobility that Strata has, so expect lots of air-to-air combat. Which isn't exactly something Krilo does well in, but he can suffice. More importantly, it allows easier control of where Krilo can Dive. So use it constantly, if you can afford to not use Zap Cannon.
Arghonaut (Bulk Up): Avoid at all costs. Krilo can only get this off safely from a Zap Cannon, Argho can punish it at fullscreen with Mach Punch, and it doesn't counteract his low defence enough to be worth it against Argh even if he doesn't punish. It also doesn't boost the damage of either projectile attack (Shock Wave and Zap Cannon) so it's limited in what few uses it could potentially have.
Vitalimar (Quick Feet): One of the best abilities for Krilo to have. Instead of aireal slams/grabs, he gets Dive. A running A still goes into the 5BC link. Running B is his 2C, which means it knocks down and hits low. Running C is his Carapress, but launching, which means it sets up for either a minor juggle or Zap Cannon. And it complements his already insane mobility quite well. Good luck tracking either character in this match!
Colossoil (Dig): Not quite as useful as Soil's dig, but still very much so. Instead of coming up with an attack that can combo into further hits, Krilo jumps out of the water in an A-Spark for a counter-knockdown. Just watchout for a counter-dig if this hits, and don't whiff/have it blocked because it's just as punishable as Spark is... and this is Soil we're talking about. Easy punish for huge damage.
Cyclohm (Rain Dance): Increased damage on Shock Wave (Decent, but powerful on a landed C-Wave) and Zap Cannon (Yeouch!) make Krilowatt a happy shrimpmon. Still has the same "downsides" that Ohm's own Raincloud does, but Ohm is far less mobile (which means he won't be getting any safe attacks anytime soon) and Krilo can afford to just pelt Ohm with B-Waves if he decides to camp in a cloud. So keep the rain coming, landwalker!
Kitsunoh (Will-O-Wisp): Another powerful ability. Can be set up safely from either of Krilowatt's trips, as well as an Aqua Jet that hits Kit in midair. Krilo also has the tricks to follow it up, but no fancy grab tricks for you here. The wisp just gets wasted due to the first hit on the grab.
Krilowatt (Flash): When Krilowatt finds himself in a mirrormatch, both have access to the ability Flash. This move activates fast and basically whitewashes the screen and the Krilowatt that used it (But not his shadow.) Hope you know his moves and jump arc by heart, and can stand the bright whiteness!
?????? (Spite): The extra-special character's ability is carried over to Krilowatt as well, in a match against him. Look funny and lower the enemy's meter at the same time! Too bad the enemy character's super isn't all too useful in the long run, but he doesn't have much else to spend meter on. So have fun with it! A second taunt!


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