A stalwart defender of the forest, Pyroak wields the power to raze and to restore. What Pyroak lacks in mobility, he makes up for with great defensive techniques. A challenging wall for any CAP fighter to scale.

Health: 115




Special Normals

Uproot (df+s)

Pyroak reaches down and lifts, launching his opponent into the air. Must be blocked low.

Wooden Barge (df+m)

Pyroak pushes forward for a quick shoulder tackle. Can be cancelled from standing close medium.

Timber (d+s) in the air

A quick elbow drop that stops much of Pyroak's horizontal momentum.


Special Attacks

Energy Ball (b-charge,f+a)

weak: 4 medium: 5 strong: 6

A ball of natural energy is fired. The speed it travels is dependant on the strength of the button used. The light Energy Ball is probably the one you'll be using most as Pyroak can use it as a cover while he advances. They can even be used in Uproot juggles.Can be cancelled from 5b, 2b, and 5c

X-Energy Ball: 3+3+3+3

A multi-hitting ball. It can be used in grounded combos to leave your opponent in severe hitstun, or as a way to extend juggles.

Fire Ball (b-charge,f,b+a)

damage: 14

Pyroak launches a fast moving fireball that dissipates any enemy projectiles and knocks down an opponent on hit. This is how Pyroak wins fireball wars. Can be cancelled from 5b, 2b, and 5c, but only 5c will combo. Depletes some Super Meter.

X-Ember: 14

An extremely slow moving fireball that slowly advances. If it hits, the victim will be put into a fiery, juggleable state.

Woodhammer (d-charge,u+a)

weak: 2+3+9 medium: 2+4+9 strong: 2+4+9

A arcing hammer attack that smashes an airborne opponent into the ground. Must be blocked high.The light version of the hammer is quick and has a tiny arc, the medium version goes far, and the strong version goes high. The light version can be cancelled from 5b or 2b, but will not combo, while the strong version can be cancelled from 2c. Pyroak is not entirely safe on block, but this is still a strong close quarters mixup option.

X-Woodhammer: 10+9+9

A quick burst of flame engulfs the ground jetting Pyroak into the air before he smashes down. The flames must be blocked low. This move can be comboed into using the aforementioned cancels.

Flamethrower (d,b+a)

damage: 17

Pyroak shoots a large flame into the air. The angle of the flame is dependant on the button pressed. This is a solid anti air option, or can be used as a straightforward juggle ender.

X-Flamethrower: 14

Pyroak sprays a large arc of fire over his body from back to front, acting as a fully invincible, if slow reversal. Can be dodged by ducking.


Super Attack

Solarbeam (d,b,f+a)

damage: 39

Pyroak stores and releases a mighty blast of solar energy. A nice combo ender, or can punish careless action from a full screen away.



Battle Armor

Any blow glances off of Pyroak's armor if the ability is activated just before the attack hits. Puts Pyroak in a frame advantage, but does not work against low attacks.

A more bulky variant on the versatile character, but also one of the best at defensive play. Highly variable speed on his Energy Ball, plowing through any projectiles with Ember, two mighty anti-air options in Woodhammer/Flamethrower, and a super for full-screen punishment round out his moveset. Believe it or not, he's not too shabby on offensive pressure either... A solid grab, 2 lows (2B and Uproot), and 2 overheads (A powerful j.C and his Woodhammer) make him a threat at close range too.

Noteworthy normals: 2B, j.C

Uproot: To the skies with them! Decently quick, hits low, and sets up for some of Pyroak's more damaging combos. Against some characters you can chain a j.A, 5A, j.A, 5.B into a 5C Ember. If you can't, stick to just the Ember followup, or something simplar like a Flamethrower or Woodhammer.

Energy Ball: Pyroak's main tool. A-Ball travels mighty slow and works as projectile pressure, C-ball travels rather fast and keeps up longrange pressure, and B-Ball is middling and just adds a bit to speed mixup. Combos out of 5B and 2B, and links into anything if yer close enough. Except for Solar Beam, but i'll comment on that later.

Ember: Think of this like an EX Projectile. It hits somewhat hard, is high-speed, burns right through any other projectiles, comboes directly off of a 5C for some huge damage, and doesn't even actually count as a projectile. By that, i mean anything cocded to specifically go through projectiles (Like the starting frames of Argh's C-Mach) will go up in smoke. Costs 10% Energy, but that's usually not enough to matter unless yer trying to abuse it... which is a bad idea in the first place.

Woodhammer: Your mid-combo mixup. A is quick but goes almost no distance, B travels quite a ways horizontally, and C moves about as far as A but goes quite high up before landing. You can combo this directly off of a 2B, meaning you can do a High Low High mixup by going off of a jumpin, or even High Low Low High if you 2A 2B on said jumpin. Doesn't actually combo, but does snuff most counterattacks... Unless you pop it off of a 5B that hits mid-air, in which case it does combo.

Flamethrower: Someone jumping at you? One puff o' this and the tides have turned. VERY fast, hit-trades are pretty much always in your favor, and sets up for Oak's pressure. Doesn't actually do anything if they aren't jumping, though... Great if you have the reflexes for it. Remember the angles, or you could miss outright... A covers less vertical range but far more horizontal range, and C is vice versa. B is inbetween.

Solar Beam: Exaclty what it says on the tin. Bit of a windup, but this thing clears the ground floor in no time flat. Combos out of uproot (If you time it right. Don't miss!), or if you REALLY wanna showboat, a maxrange 2B into a A-Ball! Actually one of the weaker supers as far as damage goes, but that's what you pay for this sort of range. Relatively safe if blocked at longrange, but beware someone who can jump it on reflex if you throw it out randomly.

Battle Armor: If you've ever played the SF3 series, think a parry. But not as useful. A short window of time and only blocks against things that don't hit low, and a few very select meaty attacks. Beyond that, you can send any blockstun into a very slight advantage in your favor, if you have the timing for it. Not that useful to me, since I have trouble timing it with command delay in online matches. To all parry-masters out there, i could use the input in how effective this is!



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