A bondservant to a mysterious power, Revenankh executes his directives silently. With his high health and regenerative powers, Revenankh can last a while in a fight. Matches tend not to last very long if he can get in close, though.

Health: 115




Special Normals

Rising Moon (b+m)

Revenankh lifts up his palms. Launches opponent upward if they're in the air.

Force Palm (df+s)

A forward thrusting palm attack.

Scarab Trap (grab in the air)

An aerial grab where the opponent is slammed into ground.


Special Attacks

Shadowpunch (d,f+a)

weak: 10 medium: 11 strong: 12

Revenankh slides as a shadow through the ground and pops the foe with a punch. Medium and strong versions are invincible on startup. Light and medium can cancel into 5C and can lead into a severely damaging combo. Medium and strong are his best options to cross the map quickly and bypass fireballs, but they are incredibly vulnerable to being punished if you misspace or mistime. With proper spacing, this move can even be used as a grounded crossup.

X-Shadowpunch: 8

A ridiculously fast Shadowpunch that crosses full screen, can punish anything on reaction.

Power Whip (d,b+a)

weak: 20 medium: 22 strong: 24

A grab that slams the victim twice on the ground. The light version is the quickest, and the strong version has the greatest range. This is the reason Revenankh is so fearsome in close quarters, and he has a number of options to set up a tick throw as well.

X-Power Whip: 27

Invincible startup and slams the opponent three times, leaving them behind himself.

Bind (d,d+a)

weak: 13 medium: 12 strong: 11

Revenankh slides forward as a shadow to bind the enemy in bandages.A grab move that has different potential follow ups depending on the strength used.

X-Bind: 13

Fully invincible on startup, travels the distance of light Bind.


Super Attack

Punishment (d,b,f+a)

damage: 44

A devestating grapple attack that can be followed up by a 5C or a Scarab Trap




Revenankh goes to sleep slowly restoring health. Can be cancelled by any action.

Power! Really big, really slow as far as normal mobility goes, but has the hardest-hitting movechains in the game bar a full combo from Ohm when soaked and the best anti-air of all characters: Rising Moon. If not up close, he tends to play spacing while trying to get in with Shadowpunch or Bind. Or just go to sleep and force the opponent to move in on his defence.

Noteworthy normals: 2AB, j.B

Known Cancels:
2A: 2B
5B: 236A, 22A
5C: 4B, 2C
3C: 236A, 22A
236: 5C
236C: 236A, 22A

Rising Moon: Seriously, i'm not kidding. THE best anti-air in the game if you need defence on a dime. Throw it out once or maybe even twice, then jump up and Trap. Big damage, minimal effort.

Force Palm: Not a move you'll probably use terribly often, but it does have uses. A meaty attack that combos into Bind/Shadowpunch, and wallslams if it hits in the air. On the ground, use it on a wakeup if you want to set up a potential tick throw that won't get snuffed like the 5A 2A 2B chain. Land it in the air if you want space to Rest with, but I say stick to Rising Traps.

Shadowpunch: This is your combo starter. At point blank, land it and combo into a 5C. If it hits, 3B and airgrab. If it misses, 2C and get some space, or even a knockdown if they keep blocking high. B/C versions have 0-frame invulnerability tto get you out of tight spots, and the C-version combos into an A-Punch or A-Bind for mixup options.

Bind: If yer in range for a shadowpunch, yer in range for a bind. This can work as a mixup for whenever you can cancel into an A-Punch, but also as a method of getting in. It has no invincibility frames, but it's startup speed is the inverse of shadowpunch; A moves as fast as C-punch and vice versa, though the recovery is still longer on heavier button-presses. C-Bind can be followed up with a long-range attack like f.5C to send them flying.

Power Whip: One two. Very fast startup at what is effectively point blank range, this is one of the core moves for Rev. Potential tick throws are a landed Force Palm at close range (Grounded, obviously) or the 5A chain described above. Do remember that by very fast, i do not mean instant... This thing starts up in 2/3/4 frames, so if you absolutely must get a throw out ASAP then use the basic grab. 'Course, this one can't be teched. Higher strength Whips causes the foe to be dropped farther away, meaning you need to use different pressure options as they get back up.

Punishment: THIS is what makes Rev what he is. At the drop of a hat, he can turn an opening into at least half of the opponent's health, and that's on high-health targets! The basic followup to a landed punishment is to do a 4B airgrab ASAP, but you can also play defensive by going 4B 5C, or even a risky reset with a j.A. Long story short, it hurts just as badly as it looks like it does. (Sidenote: Don't throw this out randomly. It can be jumped on reaction.)

Rest: A slow but noticable regeneration done while standing still. Though you can't move or jump while resting, you *can* use any move in your arsenal. Use it to get a slight edge on people who are otherwise too scared of you to move in, as long as you actually trust yourself enough to counter them when they make a move. Or occasionally just interrupt with a 5A and get back to moving after a healing tic or two.


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