He doesn't really care who you are, but congrats on wanting to learn more about him! Skulloton punches, kicks, swings and wallops his way to the top of the hill as the mechanical monarch of melees.

Health: 95





Special Normals

Extendapunch (df+w)

A fast, low far reaching punch. Must be blocked low.

Flying Extendapunch(b+m in the air)

A far reaching aerial punch. Must be blocked high.

Sweet Kick (f+m)

A quick forward moving kick.

Greaseheel Grind (df+s)

A sliding move that knocks down. Goes under projectiles and must be blocked low.


Special Attacks

Bonemerang (d,f+a)

weak: 10 medium: 11 strong: 12

A single thrown wrench that returns to Skulloton if it doesn't hit anything. The distance thrown before it returns is dependant on the strength used. Will pop up airborne opponents to set up juggle situations. Skulloton's best zoning tool; it's hard to jump over, and even if you do, you have to be prepared to block it on its way back. Can be thrown so that it pauses slightly over the body of an opponent that is just waking up. Can be cancelled from 5c and 2c.

X-Bonemerang: 10, 10

Like the regular Bonemerang but will keep going even on hit or block in order to make a return trip.


Bulletpunch (d,b+a)

weak: 15 medium: 15 strong: 16

A series of quick punches followed by a finishing dash punch. Useful for pokes or ending a combo. The strong version knocks away. Can be cancelled from 5b, 2b, and 5c.

X-Bulletpunch: 9

An extremely fast single dash punch that knocks down.

Skull Bash (d,d+a)

damage: 20

Skulloton prepares himself on the ground and briefly flashes white. If hit while flashing, he'll fly forward an ram the offender with his head, sending them flying. The duration of the animation and window to counter depends on the strength.

X-Skull Bash: 20

A fake counter attack where Skulloton will fly headfirst anyway, even if he wasn't hit.

Boneclub (d,b,f+a)

Skulloton reaches back for his wrench, then jumps up bringing his wrenchclub down with a smash! Can finish off juggles, catch jumpers, mix up, or simply close distances bypassing projectiles. The light version is fastest and moves him forward slightly, while the strong version moves him nearly across the entire stage. Must be blocked high.

weak: 14 (+10) medium: 16 (+10) strong: 16 (+10)

X-Boneclub: 14+14

Forgoes the windup and just leaps up into the air. If the swing hits, Skulloton will quickly wind back for a second hit.


Super Attack

Bone Rush (d,f,b+a)

A series of violent blows with the wrench which results in smashing the opponent to the wall for a bounce. Has some invincibility frames on startup. Can be cancelled from 5c or light Bulletpunch.

damage: 49




Skulloton makes you feel like a real loser. The opponent gets so demoralized they quickly lose Super meter. Can be cancelled with any attack.



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