Encased in a frozen coccoon for untold millenia, Syclant breaks into the present day searching for the perfect meal to sate its ravenous appetite. A fast and fearsome fighter, Syclant can mount an unrelenting offense in no time.

Health: 90



Special Normals

Frost Edge (df+m)

A fast, forward moving attack that puts the enemy in a juggleable state.

Glacier Smash (b+s)

Syclant slams forward. Must be blocked high.

Icicle Strike (d+m air)

Hangs in mid-air for a second and strikes downward.


Special Attacks

Ice Shard (d,f+a)

weak: 2+8 medium: 2+8 strong: 2+8

Syclant freezes the air in front of it and fires a shard of ice.

The move has rather slow start up and cooldown so it isn't his best zoning option, the most successful at that being the Strong version which travels half screen. The move is best implemented in juggles such as after a Frost Edge, or on wakeup as the shard breaking up has a rather meaty hitbox. Light version can be combo'd from 5b and 2b, but you'll only get all three hits in if you start at point blank range.

X-Ice Shard: 2+12

Travels the furthest, going roughly 3/4 of the screen. It also temporarily freezes an opponent on impact allowing a follow up.


Swords Dance (d,b+a)

weak: 11 medium: 14 strong: 16

Spins around while moving forward inflicting multiple wounds.

Syclant's basic combo ender. Can be cancelled from 2b, 5b or Glacier Smash. The light version goes through projectiles and can cancel into a light Fury Swipes. The strong version can link into Blizzard with the proper timing. The medium leaves you in the ideal position to play a mixup game.

X-Swords Dance: 14

Fully projectile immune and leaves Syclant at a great frame advantage allowing him to combo further.

Fury Swipes (d,d+a) or (f,d,f+a)

weak: 6 medium: 17 strong: 24

Syclant rises into the air slashing furiously.

The light version works as a very reliable and hard to punish reversal, being very quick and invincible on start up. It can also be combo'd from 5a, 2a, and 5c, as well as a light Swords Dance. The medium and strong versions have a variety of uses given their ranges and heights, giving Syclant notoriety for being one of the game's deadliest and most versatile jugglers.

X-Fury Swipes: 27

Doesn't hit grounded opponents, but can work as an anti air if timed correctly. It can also be used a juggle ender under very specific circumstances. The move canbe classified as an air grab and is thus not subject to damage scaling, making it a great source of damage if you can land it.


Super Attack

Blizzard (f,b,f+a)

damage: 30

Syclant pelts the opponent with a multitude of shards. Must be blocked high.

This Super can be used as an instant overhead, or as a semi reliable reversal, but you'll most likely want to save it for juggle extending. It can be used after an Ice Shard or Fury Swipes juggle and then followed up with another Fury Swipes under most circumstances. By this point scaling would have kicked in hard, so the multiple hits are a boon in maximizing damage.



Double Team

Syclant leaps quickly behind his enemy leaving an image of itself behind. Can only be used when close.

The go-to character for when you want both high speed and high damage off of hitconfirms. Has some of the most versatile offensive pressure options in the game overall, able to keep you on the defensive in both midscreen and point blank from multiple sides. His defence isn't too bad either, just make sure you don't drop it... Syclant is only beat by Krilowatt and Stratagem in regards to lowwest health.

Noteworthy normals: f.5B, 5B, 2B

Frost Edge: Punish! Combo! This is a move I use often, for good reason. It comboes directly off of a f.5B, and is a launcher. The usual followup is a B-Shard, then dash forward and pull a C-Swipes.

Glacier Smash: An overhead that moves you forward, can be linked after into a 5B for comboing, and does solid damage. Learn to toss it in a few times in your game.

Icicle Strike: Most useful for stopping your momentum in the air to do an ambiguous crossup.

Ice Shard: The A version ban be used as a combo extender after a 5B or @B, whereas the B/C versions work well after a successful Furyswipes to force a defensive wakeup for you to pressure with... The hitbox on the B/C shards lasts a good while after it explodes.

Swords Dance: Actually Syclant's least-useful special move in my opinion. It does hurt a good bit, but it's main use is forcing the opponent further into the corner. Some characters can get comboed by a 2B link afterwards if they be crouching.

623, 22
Fury Swipes: This is Syc's core move. A works as a reversal, and is comboable after a landed 5C/A-Dance. B can be comboed out of if you don't hit with a 3B beforehand, powerful anti-air by letting them fall on an A-shard and going for a dash-in C-Fury afterwards. Though whiffing it leaves you a sitting duck for pretty much anything the opponent wants, C-Fury has a number of things going for it. Damage. 5 hits to chip through any damage scaling you might have set up. Positioning. You're at the perfect range to time a B shard, or a C-shard against Vitalimar, to force a defence out of them. Comboability. Both into, being one of the fastest moves of the game, and out of. Blizzard combos off of this, resetting the juggle potential allowing even more damage.

Blizzard: The combo super of the cast. Due to how quickly Syclant can build up his meter due to the number of hits he can rack up, this is available rather often and can add some solid extra damage to any combo you pull. I repeat, *any* combo you pull... This thing comes out FAST. There's only a few select things that this won't combo off. Also decent for defensive reactions, since it moves Syc out of the way of whatever the counterattack was for a knockdown/juggle if it hits. Even if it doesn't, they have to juggle you instead of a groundstring since Syc recovers pretty much instantly when he touches the ground.

Double Team: This move uses only 20% of your meter, so you can use this move once or twice at full energy and still get a Blizzard off in a combo. Due to it's speed, you can really start to throw people off using it. You aren't invulnerable, but you *are* quick enough to avoid most attacks.


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