‘123’ is direction as it appears on a numpad. Thus ‘2’ is down or crouching, ‘5’ is neutral, ‘3’ is down+forward, ‘66’ is dash forward, etc…

‘A’= light, ‘B’= strong, ‘C’= Heavy

‘,’= link
‘>’= cancel

‘j.’ = jump or air attack
‘f.’ = far. All attacks listed are the close versions unless defined as f.

0:06-0:11 Revenankh
j.C, 5B>A-Shadowpunch, 5A, 4B, f.5C

0:12-0:15 Pyroak
j.C, 5B>Energyball, 2B>X-Wood Hammer

0:16-0:24 Vitalimar
X-Vital Throw, X-Body Slam, 5A>Vital Throw, Quick Feet>C, Seismic Toss

0:25-0:30 Colossoil
j.C, 2A, 2B>X-Pursuit, A-Earthquake, A-Horn Attack (2 hits), Giga Impact

0:31-0:35 Colossoil
5C, 2A>A-Horn Attack (1 hit), 5C, 2B>Pursuit

0:36-0:39 Cascavian
j.C, 5A>5B>AAB-Triple Kick, 2B> BBC-Triple Kick

0:40-0:44 Fidgit
j.B, B-Cometpunch>Encore>9, j.C, 2A, 2A, 5A, X-Cometpunch

0:45-0:54 Syclant
j.C, 4C, A-Ice Shard, 2A, f.5B>3B, A-Ice Shard, 66, A-Fury Swipes, 5B>X-Ice Shard, 4C, A-Swords Dance>A-Fury Swipes, 5A, X-Fury Swipes

0:55-1:02 Vitalimar
5.Throw, Quick Feet>A>A-Vital Throw, Quick Feet>C, 2B, j.A, 2B, Seismic Toss

1:03-1:09 Skulloton
j.C, 5C, 5A>B>A>A-Bulletpunch, 5C>C-Bulletpunch, 5A, X-Bone Club

1:10-1:15 Cascavian
(against crossup) A-Wing Attack, A-Wing Attack, 4C, j.C>X-Waterfall, 2B>X-Water Pulse

1:16-1:22 Vitalimar
j.C, 2B, 5A>A-Vital Throw, Quick Feet>9, j.A, j.A, Body Slam

1:23-1:27 Pyroak
j.C, 5A, 5B>X-Energyball, j.2C, 5A, 5B>X-Energyball, Solarbeam

1:28-1:32 Krilowatt
Aqua Dive, 5B>5C>X-Spark, 5B>X-Spark, Aqua Dive>A-Aqua Jet

1:33-1:45 Fidgit
j.B, 5C>5B>B-Cometpunch>Encore>66, 3B, 2B> A-Earth Power, j.C, 5C>5B, f.5B, X-Snatch, 5C>5B>C-Cometpunch>A-Cometpunch, X-Cometpunch

1:46-1:53 Revenankh
(anti air) 4B, 5B>A-Shadowpunch, 5B>A-Shadowpunch, 5A, A-Shadowpunch>5C>4B, Scarab Trap

1:54-2:00 Pyroak
j.C, 5A, 3C, j.A, 5A, X-Energyball, j.C, X-Energyball, j.5C, Solarbeam

2:01-2:10 Fidgit
j.C, 2B>A-Earth Power, B-Snatch, f.5C, f.5B, j.C, 5C>Rapid Spin

2:11-2:23 Skulloton
j.B, 5B, 5A>B>A>C, j.B, 5C>X-Bonemerang, 5A, j.C, 5C>X-Bonemerang, 3A, j.B, 5A, j.A, 5A>B>A>Bulletpunch

2:24-2:30 Arghonaut
j.C, 2A, 5C>4C>X-Machpunch, 5C>4C>X-Machpunch, 5C>Revenge

2:31-2:41 Krilowatt
j.C, 3B>Zap Cannon, A-Aqua Jet, Aqua Dive, 5B>X-Spark, 66, 5A, 66, 5B, 5A, X-Spark, 5B>C-Spark

2:42-2:48 Kitsunoh
Will O Wisp (not a combo) 2B>A-Iron Head, j.B, 5C, X-Iron Head, 5C, X-Iron Head, 5C, Curse

2:49-2:57 Kitsunoh
X-Somersault, (not a combo) crossup C-teleport, 5C, A-Iron Head, Somersault

2:58-3:07 Skulloton (Collosoil only)
j.C, 5C, 5C>A-Bulletpunch, 5C>Bone Rush, 5A, 5C>X-Bonemerang, X-Skull Bash

3:08-3:16 Stratagem
X-Ancientpower, (not a combo) crossup Levitate>Paleo Wave>44, 5C, 4C>A-Ancientpower, Giga Drain, A-Ancientpower, 5A, 3B, 5A, j.A

3:17-3:38 Cascavian
j.B, 3A>Agility, 5A>5B>AAB-Triple Kick, 2B>AAB-Triple Kick, 66, 2A, 2B>AAB-Triple Kick, 66, 2A, 2B>AAB Triple Kick, 66, Inner Focus, 2B>AAB-Triple Kick, 66, X-Wing Attack>Fly>j.C, 4C, j.C>X-Waterfall, 2A, 2B>AAB-Triple Kick, 66, 2A, 2B>AAC-Triple Kick

3:39-4:59 Syclant
j.C, C-Fury Swipes, Blizzard, X-Swords Dance, 5A, X-Ice Shard, j.C, 2A, 2A, 2A, f.5B>3B, A-Ice Shard, 66, X-Ice Shard, j.C, 2A, 2A, f.5B>3B, A-Ice Shard, 66, C-Fury Swipes, Blizzard, B-Ice Shard, 66, C-Fury Swipes

4:00-4:23 Cyclohm
j.C, 2A, 5A>4C>C-Twister, j.C, Tri Attack, j.A, X-Twister, j.B, Tri Attack, X-Tri Attack, B-Twister, j.B, Tri Attack, Thunder, j.B, C-Twister, j.B, Tri Attack, 5C>B-Thundershock, 5C>B-Thundershock

4:24-4:43 Colossoil
j.B>5A>A>A-Horn Attack (2 hits), 2B>X-Pursuit, 2A>A-Horn Attack (2 hits), 2A, 2B>X-Pursuit, A-Earthquake, A-Horn Attack (2 hits), B-Horn Attack (2 hits), 7j.C, 4B, 4B, B-Horn Attack (2 hits), Horn Drill

4:54-4:55 Arghonaut
Mega Punch, 5C>4C>A-Machpunch, 5C>4C>A-Machpunch, 5C>4C>A-Machpunch, 5C>4C>A-Machpunch, 5C>4C>A-Machpunch, 5A>4C>A-Machpunch, 5A>4C>A-Machpunch, 5A, B-Cut, Revenge
(strict timing, but is a corner infinite. Will be removed in a later version)


Combos by TheGamaniac

Music by
'Conductor 71'
Fuji & Miyagi


Thanks for watching!