Vitalimar appears out of nowhere to save the day! Maybe. Completely non-canon...Great speed and mobility characterize Vitalimar's grappling game. He can run, bounce, dive, and slam his way to victory.

Health: 105




Special Normals

Seismic Toss (grab in the air)

Vitalimar grabs his opponent, lands, and launches his victim high into the sky.


Special Attacks


Vital Throw (d,f+a)

damage: 7

A lunging takedown attack. After pinning a foe to the floor, Vitalimar flings them to the wall bouncing them off for a follow up attack. Can be cancelled from close or far 5a. Vitalimar's main source of damage outside of mixups and shenanigans. Can be followed up with another attack or a reset attempt.

X-Vital Throw: 10

Has some projectile invincibility with less recovery after the fling allowing Vitalimar a few other follow up options. Runs medium strength distance.

Endure (df+s)

If used just as Vitalimar would be taking a finishing blow, he gets pushed back to safety with 1HP remaining. The duration during which is Vitalimar can endure is sizable so perfect timing is not required.


Instead of being pushed back with 1hp, Vitalimar will perform an instant dash and Body Slam, grounding his foe.

Body Slam (d+w in the air)

damage: 12

A fast aerial body press attack. Must be blocked high. A key element to Vitalimar's wakeup game. Will hit jumpers, many reversal attempts and anyone who blocks low. If blocked high, it is very punishable. A rather ambiguous cross up.

Wring Out (d+m in the air)

damage: 16

Vitalimar grabs the opponent from the air and spins around gathering momentum before slamming into them. Counts as a throw, so will not hit jumping opponents, but will nab them if they try to block.

Bounce (d+s in the air)

damage: (2+2+2) 10

Vitalimar bounces to the opposite wall and leaps off executing a fast Body Slam. Hits opponent as he bounces to wall. Great for catching jumpers from across the stage or for attempting an ambiguous cross up.

X-Aerial: 10

Vitalimar dives and slides across the ground. If he latches onto an opponent's feet, he will pivot around them for a violent clothesliner before elbowing them. They remain vulnerable on the ground to a follow up attack. Must be blocked low.


Super Attack

Reversal (d,b,f+a)

damage: 20/30/50/80

A grappling attack that does more damage the lower Vitalmar's health is. Despite the name, the move has no invincility frames. The startup isn't the fastest, but Vitalimar has a number of ways to set up this throw.



Quick Feet

A speedy dash that allows Vitalimar to close in quickly on his opponent. Vitalimar's standing normals have different properties when used to cancel Quick Feet and while running he can perform a Super Jump by pressing up+forward. The dash can be cancelled by pressing back or executing a back dash.

You want knockdown options? You got em! Vitalimar is the reigning prince supreme of crossing the screen (surpassed by only Krilowatt), and king of the wakeup game. Low, overhead, crossup, grab, air-to-ground grab, air-to-air grab, and all of these lead straight to another lockdown to keep rolling, literally or otherwise. He doesn't have overmuch in the way of high damage options, but guessing right can lead to a crushing victory.

Noteworthy normals: 5A, j.B

Bodyslam: Your overhead of choice. Jump forward and hit j.2A as soon as possible. Better yet, do it off of a quick run! A neutral jump does a normal forward jump, which generall means an overhead, but a forward jump while running means an overhead crossup. This crossup trick won't work on smaller characters, though... Still! Use and abuse, it's his only real overhead.

Wring Out: The air-to-ground grab. If used when they're right under you (or a smidge to the front/back), you spin around them and then bodyslam them from the front. Allows for better potential crossup options than Bodyslam since you aren't put directly in front of them, and thus can actually modify when/where you jump on a Quick Feet.

Bounce: The least useful overall of his air commands, but it's an occasional psych-out. Due to it's angle, never try using this as a crossup slam. You'll either miss or get blocked due to how relatively slow it is. If at all, use it as a sort of modified air-to-air. It hits on the way up, but oftentimes it won't correctly combo into itself. If you can find better uses for it, kudos to ya.

Vital Throw: This is how Vital combos. The only thing it can actually correctly combo off of is a 5A, so it's something you hitconfirm into and nothing else really... Not that safe on block, and too telegraphed on B/C versions. Afterwards, you can almost always follow up with a running C into airthrow, which sets up your wakeup game.

Endure: A *VERY* niche/specialist move. If you use it before a single hit that would KO you, instead you go straight to one HP and get nkocked back quite a ways. This does nothing to dying inside of a combo, though you can't be grabbed while Endure is active. It's mostly useful however, but it can set up for a clutch victory by sending you straight to the sweetspot for...

Reversal: ...the potentially strongest single attack in the game. Reversal's damage is purely based off of how much health you have lost. The 4 markers for how much damage you do are at around 20, 40, 70, and 95% health lost. As such, this can do anywhere from less than a vital-to-airthrow to 3/4ths their lifebar depending on how clutch you are at landing this. (Sidenote: Like Punishment, this is NOT something to throw out randomly. It can not only be jumped on reaction, but most really fast attacks can actually stop it cold.)

Quick Feet: This. This is why only Krilo beats Vital at zipping around the screen, though Vital has far more control over ending up at specific spots. While running, you can do one one of 6 things...

A: Basic f.5A, but you can actually cancel this into A-Vital for a combo. Or a tick throw if you want.
B: A 5B clothesline that actually knocks down on impact. Not too useful, but it's his quickest "long-range" knockdown opportunity... which is something Vital can always use.
C: A 5C that launches Generally not useful on the ground, but you can catch them in the air with this to get extra damage before an airgrab.
4: Just cancel the run outright with this. Mindgames!!
8: A basic forward jump, as something of a minor psychout or positioning control.
9: The longjump. This thing goes most of the screen, so you can really get some surprise attacks if you use it well.

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