Voodoom isn't a lot of fun to be around, and he's even less fun to fight. He has a myriad ways to limit your options and cut off your escape routes, but requires commitment to learn how to use his very specific moves effectively.

Health: 105




Special Normals


Woe Step (df+w)

A slight hop that goes over lows before a kick that hits low itself.

Headbummer (df+m)

A quick faceplant that has to be blocked high.

Club of Moan (f+s)

Voodoom swings his arm like a club while moving forward.

Upside Frown (b+s)

A quick handstand kick with good priority.

Needle Drop (d+w) in the air

Voodoom stops in the air before coming down pin first.


Special Attacks

Dark Pulse (d, f+a)

damage: 3+12

Voodoom releases his soul into a condensed heart-shaped form which then shatters poetically. The first hit of the light version can combo itself, while the medium and strong versions have a slight delay before the shatter.

X-Dark Pulse: 3+3+12

Voodoom creates a shadow of himself which slides across the screen somewhat before releasing its own Dark Pulse.

Needle Arm (d , b+a)

weak: 2+ 6 medium: 4+10 strong: 15

His arm covered in needles, the strength used determines the effects of the punch. The weak version has some invincibility frames and his comparatively safer on block. The medium version is a basic combo ender that knocks down. The strong version has the longest startup but is a long ranged overhead that can also catch jumping characters.

X-Needle Arm: 21

A flying needle drill attack with a lot of invincibility frames.

Vacuum Wave (d, b, f+a)

weak: 4 medium: 3+3 strong: 2+2+2

Voodoom pulls his opponent closer to him with teffect reaching various ranges, and with different cool down delays. The opponent is pulled in even on block, but with a less severe frame disadvantage.

X-Vacuum Wave: 3

A very quick vacuum that allows Voodoom to combo afterwards.

Night Slash(d, f, b+a)

weak:7 medium: 8 strong: 9

Voodoom dashes forward and slashes with his needle. The range and startup varies but all versions are unsafe on whiff or block. Using Night Slash puts Voodoom into his 'Slash' stance which opens up a whole other set of attacks, plsu a new ability and super attack. He reverts back to normal on hit.

X-Night Slash: 14

A super fast Night Slash where Voodoom dashes to right behind his opponent, even on block, allowing for surprise crossups.


Super Attack

Pin Missile (d,d+a)

damage: 30

Voodoom fires a volley of pins in an arc. Can be cancelled from Upside Frown. Must be blocked high.



Voodoom counter attacks any hit with a well placed pin that momentarily stuns his assailant. The longer he holds the position, the longer the stun time. The 'ready' animation can be cancelled with a dash.




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