Current version

Changes from V.7.0
- changelog

Changes from V.6.0
- New character Tomohawk
- Fixed a few story mode issues
- New OST for character select screen
- Various balance changes and tweaks

Changes from V.5.1
- New character Voodoom
- 3 alt colors for each character
- More consistent wakeup time
- Various balance changes and tweaks

Changes from V.5.0
- Everyone has been given a back throw (except for Gem who was given a forward throw)
- Problems with the Arcade mode has been fixed, including Argh's Sweatin' mode
- Air stun properties have been altered to favor juggles, resets, and mixups
- Pyroak and Cascavian have received new moves
- Various balance changes and tweaks as listed in the forums
- Fixed some X-Attack issues

Changes from V.4.2
- New character Cascavian
- X-Attacks added
- New HUD and menus
- Colossoil has a new move, Crunch
- New story modes for Stratagem, Arghonaut and Skulloton
- Various gameplay balances made

Changes from V.04
- Throw gameplay changed. Some start up, cannot grab limbs, only the torso
- The range on many normals have been improved
- Some characters got new normals, like Syclant and Pyroak. Others have had changes made to existing normals like Cyclohm and Stratagem.
- Various gameplay balances made
- New story for Fidgit in Sweatin'

Changes from V.03
- New character Krilowatt
- New stages and music added
- Various gameplay balances made
- Cyclohm receives Whirlwind/Rain Dance
- Colossoil receives Giga Impact
- Pyroak new story in Sweatin'
- Arcade mode now has variation in opponents you fight depending on performence.

please check the CAPs section for
more information.

Changes from V.02
- New character Kitsunoh
- New character Cyclohm
- New character Colossoil
- New boss character
- Vitalimar now a playable character
- New stages and music added
- Various gameplay balances made
- Some characters received new moves