Battle Capacity 2013 is out! This can be considered the definitive version as I've addressed many of the remaining bugs and inconsistencies what have been laying around, as well as applied some of things I've learned about fighting games in the past year.

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You can now also view Tomohawk's entry in the CAP Fighters page.

Download Battle Capacity 2013


Well, it looks like Multiupload has been completely shut down, so the hot new place to download Battle Capacity v07 is from here: New Download Link

In other news, TGM has a new combo video out featuring Cascavian, Cyclohm, and Voodoom. The gimmick was to find a way to incorporate all the specials, for one of Snoootch's Combo video challenges.

You can view the video here:


Battle Capacity v7 released!




Voodoom Character page added. List of moves and general information included.



Battle Capacity v6 released!

Please download the latest version of the game here. Voodoom's character page isn't up yet, but I will update the site when it's ready.



New Combo Video


Thanks to TGM for the combos!




Just letting everyone know I'm changing the Video links from FimPhym's page to my own, capfight. I plan to update it more frequently and with higher quality matches. If you record any matches of your own and would like to see them up, contact me in forums or in the chat.



Happy New Year everyone!

Battle Capacity v5.1 is out and comes with some broad changes. Please check the What's New section for details.

Also, the Character pages have been updated to reflect Cascavian and Pyroak's new moves.



Charlie Twitch has updated his BatCap page with the new boss stage music for Skulloton. You can check it out here.

I've also gotten word about a few problems in Arcade Mode. Particularly with Arghonaut where his Sweatin' and Trainin' modes can't be accessed. I'm working releasing a 5.1 that corrects these an other issues. You can look forward to other additions to this version as well.



Version 5.0 is out!

It's been a long time coming, but the latest version is out with new features, stages, character and gameplay tweaks. The character pages have also been updated to reflect a lot of the new changes.

Check out what's new here. See you online!



Battle Capacity OST released!

Charlie Twitch, the artist behind BatCap's awesome soundtrack has released the original soundtrack for the game. You can check it out by clicking the picture below

Some of the themes have been modified, fitted with a definite beginning and end while there are also a couple of tracks that are not yet in the game (working on it!). I encourage you to also check out more of Charlie's work!


Battle Capacity 4.1 released!

You can download the file from here.

You can see what changes have been made in the What's New section.

As always, I encourage you to come meet us in the chat, or leave a message in the forum. This game is always getting updated thanks in large part to feedback from users.


FimPhym has been uploading a bunch of new videos on Youtube lately, including these really handy Syclant and Colossoil guides. Go on down to his page and check out the match videos, or drop by the chat to meet him yourself!


Today's the day!

Check out the Download link to get the latest version of Battle Capacity.

Also check out the Character section to see TGM's awesome new tip section for advanced players!


I've been working steadily on the game. My apologies for the lack of updates. You can expect V04 to be released later this week!



A bit of good news in that it appears Hamachi may be able to bypass the need to forward ports when playing with Lunaport. The Online section of the site has been updated with instructions.

What this means is that the possibility of a tournament is now ours to make happen. If you would be interested in taking part, please introduce yourself on the chat server, or let us know what you think in the Smogon thread.

Work on BC is coming along fine. I've taken a break from Krillowatt to finish up adding everyone's taunts for the next version.



I'd first like to thank FimPhym who has been recording and uploading really high quality BatCAP matches on his Youtube page.

Most of the past week of work on the game has been mainly directed at adding new hit reactions to the engine, some for the sake of visual variety, while others are added because some moves will be given new hit properties. Balancing has been another priority, especially with some users finding 'touch-of-death' combos for certain characters. Tweaking has to be subtle so as to not throw out that character's ability to land useful and creative juggles entirely.

I've only just recently got back into Krillowatt territory, but should have something recordable shortly, so watch this space.



I've gotten word of a number of bugs that occur during the Arcade mode. In some circumstances defeated cpu will return to life despite still having no health, other times draws and wins will be distributed for no good reason. I apologize for these oversights on my part and will work hard to make sure such glitches don't occur again.

In other news, the chatroom is busier than its ever been and we have more people hosting matches than ever. Join us in the chat sometime, it's fun just to hang out even if you're not looking for a game.

Finally, work on Krilowatt has started. I get the feeling he's going to be a real fun character to develop and I'll be posting some updates on the process soon. In addition to the shrimp, you can look forward to new stages, new cutscenes, balance tweaks and aesthetic enhancements in the next version of Battle Capacity! (and fewer bugs too..)



Thank you Greg Gilmore for contributing to the stage artwork. You can check out more of his art here.

Also, many thanks to Charlie Twitch for having contributed all the great original tunes in this game.

For more information about the CAP Project, please visit the website here or the forums here.

This game was made in 2D Fighter Maker. To find out more, check out FMHQ.